Implementation & Support of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Version 17 for Jesa Dairy Farm Ltd


JESA FARM DAIRY LIMITED is the premier provider of value-added dairy products for consumers in East Africa and beyond. JESA has become a home grown, commercial success story and a flagship East African consumer brand. Some of their dairy products include Fresh Pasteurized milk, UHT Milk, Yogurt, Butter, Fresh Cream and Cream Cheese.

Jesa Diary Farm Limited Adopts Adroit ERP Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Inset are some of the Products JESA Farm Diary Limited produces.

The Production Department which is responsible for the creation of the dairy products was one of the departments that had challenges. These included not being in position to capture all the incurred costs of production and incorporating it into the cost of the final product, monitoring the consumption of raw materials, damages and wastage of the raw materials.

The Problem

The JESA FARM DAIRY LIMITED running the Farm, Dairy processing plus Sales & Distribution had various problems with the prior system. Among these was the monitoring of inventory since the company has a wide range of inventory of various categories such as Raw Materials, Finished Products, Animal Drugs and Feeds, Spares, Farm consumables and General Consumables among others. Having all these closely monitored in a single system was proving to be a big challenge.

Sales and Distribution also had issues that affected the business right from the sales people to the company’s registered distributors. These included not being able to meet distributor requests on time, having immediate customer feedback from the sales people, tracking stock returns and damages, tracking product transportation and location among others.

The Production Department which is responsible for the creation of the dairy products was one of the departments that had challenges. These included not being in position to capture all the incurred costs of production and incorporating it into the cost of the final product, monitoring the consumption of raw materials, damages and wastages of the raw materials.

The Solution

Inventory Management & Manufucturing

  • Inventory was re-categorized and captured into the system in respect to their categories. The system also allowed the allocation to inventory to their various locations which eases the process of stock counting, monitoring and valuation.

  • Inventory locations also helped to solved the problem of stock getting lost as particular system users (Store keepers) are assigned full rights to the location in the system which enables them to take full responsibility of the physical store in relation to the system store.

  • Stock Replenishment, Requisition & consumption processes were better improved by involving hierarchies of approval before performing any of these actions in the system

  • Access to timely and up to date reports was also made possible so as to be able to report about the real time company position. Among these are the company financials, Accounts Receivable reports, stock reports and so much more.

  • Business Central also allows for monitoring of product transportation from one warehouse to another and also from the warehouses to the customers. This is through the capturing to the truck details, driver details all captured into the system.
  • Stock returns and damages can easily be monitored as the system prompts users to post such transactions with reasons for return. This enables accurate reporting and hence making informed decisions in a timely manner.

  • Production Department was as well catered for in Business Central. All the finished products are purely produced in the system hence solving the problem of products getting lost.

  • The system has also catered for capturing all the production costs that includes the raw material costs plus the indirect costs like labor and electricity. All these are now incorporated into the calculated Unit cost of the produced item. This therefore has helped to enable correct reporting the company’s profits or losses made over time.

Sales & Distribution

  • For Sales & Distribution, Business Central provided a Distributor self service module that allows the Distributors to login to their system accounts and create sales orders. This minimizes the problem of not being able to meet the distributors’ requests and orders in time.

  • Sales people operating in the field are able to access the system from anywhere any place in their cash requisitions incase its needed at any point in time.

Finance Management

  • Bank Reconciliation module enables the team to deal with matching balances and reconciling statements easily, effectively, accurately and timely hence saving a lot of time to focus on other tasks

  • Have a standard chart of accounts that provides a digestible breakdown of all the financial transactions conducted during a specific accounting period, broken down into sub categories.

  • Influence product costs so that goods and services are purchased at the best possible price and get the goods delivered at the right time, Ensure that the goods, supplies needed to run the business are always in stock

  • Timely and eased way of payment to suppliers
  • Manage all customer payments and run any aged receivables
  • Standardized Bank reconciliation and access to cash related reports
  • Compute correct periodic depreciation
  • Keep track of fixed assets maintenance costs, manage insurance policies, post fixed asset transactions, and generate various reports and statistics.

  • Make timely work response and maximize their work time. This is because Business Central allows users to work anytime and anywhere

  • Streamline the role-based tasks into the system. This is because business central offers Role centers that limit user access to only their role-based information & tasks.

Compliance  Management

  • The Finance team is able to manage and file all the required Statutory Taxes and Employee Benefits (Such as VAT,PAYE,NSSF) accurately and timely.

Human Resource  Management System

JESA HR Team can now register, keep and maintain detailed records of their employees such as employee contracts confidential information & qualifications. Upload employee salaries straight from the system to the banking platform and generate payslips that are shared electronically to employee emails. The following modules were implemented:

  • Leave Management
  • Employee Bio-data
  • Contract management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Benefits and Deductions
  • Staff Training and Competences

Other Deliverables

Finance Management

The system facilitates generating system data into visually exciting Power BI Dashboards and reports such as Customer & Vendor Aging Statements and Reports which are all designed to help JESA instantly identify trends, spot anomalies as well as fix problems.

System Automation, Access & Configuration

The system was configured to allow remote, online and local host access to ensure no down time in company operations. Use of digital signatures and online approval workflows have been embraced and enjoyed

System Integrations

JESA further purchased Office 365 licenses from Adroit Solutions to have both their emails and Business Central database corroborate simultaneously.

EFRIS & BC Integration has facilitated URA System in recording business transactions and sharing the information with URA in real time (concurrently). It involves the use of e-Invoicing through the URA web portal and direct communication with business transaction systems (system to system connection), to manage the issuance of e-receipts and e-invoices .